Creative Movement Dance Classes

Creative movement is a class structured different than other disciplines to promote self-awareness, individuality, and independent thinking. The goal of this class is to make divergent thinkers that can solve problems in a way that is best suited to their own ability. In class, the exercises are often formatted as games or projects and all movement is generated by the students. The opportunity for personal choice in the activities challenges the students to think for themselves and be recognized for their unique ways of moving. The class also teaches the elements of dance to provide a tool box for creating a piece of work. For example, the qualities of movement are: smooth, sharp, shake/vibratory, sustain & collapse, and swing. Given a quality of movement the dancers can move their body to emulate the quality at a given level (high, medium, or low) and at a given tempo (fast, medium, slow). To make a creative environment, the class will often play off visual imagery. Whether that is recalling a memory, or having physical objects in the classroom to spark ideas. In past years, the class has been a vehicle for teaching non-dance related topics. For example, the students have created dances about volcanoes, the water cycle, clouds, and pollution in the environment. These dances were created by first learning facts and then translating those facts into a universal language: dance.

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