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Once enrolled in the Irish program, if your dancer is passionate about Irish dance, we offer the Irish Performance Team. The Irish Performance Team provides the opportunity to perform throughout the Ames community and Central Iowa. Dancing and promoting Irish Dance, The Irish Performance Team (IPT) is a great opportunity for him or her. The Dancenter’s Irish Performance Team debuted in 2010 in the Ames area. The inspiration for the group came from the popularity of productions like Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. IPT’s heritage includes the influence of some of the best competitive Irish dance schools in the Midwest. As a performance-based group, team members perform routines to traditional Irish music as well as many other genres. (It’s all in the counting!) The ever-changing repertoire includes various forms of jigs, reels and hornpipes, as well as set dances. We maintain a trained staff of professional instructors to bring out the Irish Dancer in your child. Memories are made in IPT that last a lifetime.

IPT has performed at several residential facilities in central Iowa and beyond, as well as Reiman Gardens, the Amana Colonies Maifest celebration, and the Iowa State Fair. Two of the teams’ highlights for their season are performing at Dublin Bay Restaurant & Grill for their St. Patrick’s Day festivities (the largest Irish celebration in Ames) and participating in the Dancenter’s Dance Expo each June. Members have also performed as a group with live music groups such as Celtic Fire, as well as in small groups and soloists with other musicians. Several members also perform in the Iowa State Center’s production of the Nutcracker Ballet. The team is very much in demand; therefore, we limit the performance schedule, making it manageable for a school-age person.

Auditions are in December; rehearsals start in January.

As a performance-based group, IPT is available for performances around the area. Please contact us at if interested.

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