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Tap Classes

Experience the Magic of Tap

Join us at the Dancenter to grow and improve as a tap dancer. Tap dance is a fun and energetic style of dance that involves rhythmically tapping the feet to create sound. It combines elements of jazz, rhythm and blues, and even African and Irish dance. In this class, we will work on developing proper tap technique, rhythm, and style as we learn tap steps and combinations. Beginning or experienced dancers are welcome to grow and improve with our experienced instructor. Let’s get ready to make some noise and have a great time!

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Elementary Tap

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XL Tap

Pre-Tap Classes

Grades Pre S3-K

Enjoy tap from day-one with pre-tap classes at the Robert Thomas Dancenter. 

Pre-Tap classes are your starting point for the All-American art form of tap dance. Tap Dance started in the early American Colonies in the 1800s. Here, young dancers begin their journey to mastering over 150 different steps and rhythms. 

From day-one, tap is great fun and great exercise. 

Tap is great fun and good exercise while becoming challenging and rewarding as dancers progress. Take the first step to mastering the marvelously versatile style of tap dancing!

Available Classes

Grades Pre S3-K

  • Taught in a combination class, along with Irish, Creative Movement, or Gymnastics.

Elementary Tap Classes

Grades 1-3

Elementary tap is a bridge between Pre-Tap and XL Tap. It builds upon techniques and skills taught in the Pre-Tap classes and prepares the dancer for more involved classes such as XL Tap.

Build on your skills and produce “The Sound of America Dancing.” Elementary tap classes take the dancer further and further into the steps and rhythms of the tap vocabulary. Dancers will grow, having been more assimilated into the tap rhythms and styles. 

Prepare for the proud and rich tradition of professional quality tap instruction with elementary tap classes.

Available Classes

Grades 1-3

  • Taught in a ballet combination class along with Stage & Screen, Musical Theater, or Competitive Dance preview.
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XL Tap Classes

Grades 3-12

Unlock your full potential as a professional quality tap dancer. XL tap classes offer the highest level instruction of the tap dancing art form. Learn the challenging but rewarding steps and rhythms of tap while growing overall skills as a dancer. Move closer to tap mastery with XL classes.

XL tap will give dancers skills that will remain through their lifetime. Tap can be enjoyed at any level from beginner to more advanced, small child to “Golden Age” adult (There is a group of performing tap dancers in Arizona that are in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s!! And they look great).

Available Classes

Grades 3-4
  • Jazz/Tap 1 or 2

Grades 4-5
  • Tap 2

Grades 5-7
  • Tap 3/4

Grades 5-10
  • Tap 4/5

Grades 7-12
  • Tap Advanced

  • Open to all Adults regardless of experience

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